Local lawmakers react to the President's State of the Union Address

NOW: Local lawmakers react to the President’s State of the Union Address

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Local lawmakers on both sides are speaking out about what they thought of the President’s speech.

Republican lawmakers are applauding Trump’s message.

Indiana Representative Jackie Walorski says she’s ready to work with the President and his administration to make the country stronger.

Part of her statement reads, “President Trump spoke to the American people with clarity, a call for unity, and a renewed commitment to our shared ideals. We need to work together to keep our economic momentum going, allow our manufacturers and farmers to succeed, and make sure hardworking Hoosiers have the opportunity to achieve the American dream.”

Indiana Senator Todd Young released a video statement. He applauded the President’s reflection of Republican accomplishments in congress siting topics like tax reform and national security.

“Tonight I was glad the President delivered a powerful message, a unifying message about the importance of us rallying together as a country around a number of major issues facing America,” Young said in the video. “Immigration reform, national security, infrastructure investment, and protecting American workers – all of these things need to be priorities moving forward, and I hope we can come together for the common good to make them happen.”

Democrats are also reacting to the address.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow says she is “deeply concerned” about the direction of the United States following the President’s speech.

Part of her statement says, “We need to come together and find bipartisan solutions on issues important to Michigan like fixing our nation’s infrastructure, lowering the cost of health care, and keeping jobs in the United States.”

Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee applauded the President’s remarks on fixing infrastructure, lowering prescription drug costs and enacting fair trade agreements to help American workers. But, he says the President has a history of not following through.

In his statement Kildee says, “The President must rise to the occasion and lead on these important issues, with not just words but with real action. Unfortunately, the President’s administration has so far been consumed most days by tweets, chaos and manufactured crises, including a recent government shutdown that cost our economy billions of dollars. This is no way to run a corner grocery store, let alone the world’s largest economy.”

Kildee says the Democratic majority in the house is working to pass an agenda for the people.

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