Michiana man is lending a helping hand in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Just a few days after Hurricane Michael which is the most powerful hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle made landfall Michiana native Kevin Sauer is lending a helping hand.

Images out of the Florida panhandle show utter devastation after Michael tore through trees and homes.

“The videos that you guys see and pictures you guys see does not tell the story of what is down here, you can’t even put a roof on because there’s no houses to put the roofs on, they’re destroyed it looks like they lined up ten tornadoes and went through,” Sauer said.

Sauer along with a couple of his friends are helping to assess what people need and rounding up workers to help Floridians get back on their feet.

“I’ll be sending a crew down, a two man crew or three man crew to start estimating tarping and doing what we’ve gotta do to line the work up,” Sauer said.

Looking ahead to the future Sauer has one message, err on the side of caution.

“The next time that there’s any kind of a hurricane or act of God or nature trust the weatherman and get out,” Sauer said.  

For anyone interested in helping out there are local and national organizations that can be contacted to ask how you can help with the relief effort.

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