Local plumbers give tips on how to prevent frozen pipes

NOW: Local plumbers give tips on how to prevent frozen pipes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Freezing temperatures means your home you may have woken up to frozen pipes this morning.

lf you want to keep the water running at home experts tell ABC57 keeping your home warm is one of the best ways to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

It’s a costly problem you might not think about until temperatures hit below zero. You then start to turn up the heat and hope that everything will be okay, but experts say by then, it might be too late.

“Prevention is number 1. If you have an area of the house that’s a little bit colder than others and you have water or pipes barred lines in there you can always put a fan," said Melissa Fink, Service Manager at Legacy Heating and Air.

Even with furnaces and fans running your pipes could still be at risk. Experts say opening cabinets to improve insulation and keeping a small drip from the faucets whether you’re in an apartment or home could help you save thousands.

“Once the pipes are frozen the damage is done now it’s just about mitigating how much of a loss you’re gonna have," said James Olsen, Operations Manager at Home Comfort Experts.

Olsen says if you do notice signs of frozen pipes shut off your water supply immediately to prevent water damage and help lower some of your repair costs.

“You’ll have some fees for getting the plumbing repaired, but fixing some copper pipes or something like that is nothing in comparison to removing the carpet, removing the dry wall," said Olsen.

And although it might be tempting to fix it yourself, Fink says if in doubt be sure to call experts.

“You want the pipes to be able to thaw. You want to do it at a slow process. You don’t want to just full force it through so always call a plumber," said Fink.

Experts say repairs can easily go up to as high as $5,000.

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