Local priests, residents participate in special mass with Bishop Rhoades

By Colleen Bormann

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. -- People from all over the Fort Wayne South Bend Diocese made the trip to Philadelphia to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis. Saturday, Bishop Kevin Rhoades hosted a special mass for people from his diocese at St. John’s Church in the heart of downtown Philadelphia.

Priests from the diocese are invited to celebrate alongside the bishop.

Father Daryl Rybicki, Father Glenn Kohrman and Father Drew Carey, all from South Bend, participated.

Families who made the pilgrimage to the city of brotherly love from Michiana felt right at home.

The Everett family from South Bend was also invited to participate in the mass.

"It has been very uplifting. I mean we've had so many workshops and congress that we left with a message of hope and really focusing on being positive influence on society," said Fred Everett.

The mass celebrated by Pope Francis will be at 4 p.m.

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