Local restaurants prepare for future restrictions

NOW: Local restaurants prepare for future restrictions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Stage 5 has been viewed by some as a reason return to the days before we had ever even heard of the word COVID-19 or pandemic in a modern-day sense,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. “Too may have said we will just ride it out and if I get it so be it.”

Wednesday, Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, announced the state’s revised plan to slow the spread of COVID- 19 after the state hits record number of cases with hot spots in every single county. 

Part of Holcomb’s new initiative includes leaning on local officials for enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines. The governor recommends that counties in the orange and red zone rethink bars and restaurants hours of operation and capacity.

The additional restrictions that could be implemented have sparked more uncertainty for area businesses.

“It’s definitely a little bit overwhelming kind of to an extent,” said Andy Martinez, Assistant Manager of the Lauber.   

Martinez says while hearing there could be changes in dining expectation that he has confidence in the steps his staff are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy.

“They can expect us to sanitize tables – chairs – everything that they might touch has been sanitized,” said Martinez.   

But that also means getting a little creative.

“To be quite honest the fact that we had these two patios outside – it was something that people liked having and even right now I think people are intrigued by our igloos and the outdoor seating provided for them,” said Martinez.   

The state is distributing 20 million dollars in funding to help counties through the pandemic, but Governor Holcomb says slowing the spread starts with action.

“Unfortunately, to many of us and in around the country have let our guard down, and either assume we won’t get it – or if we do so be it – we will get through it without any more universal consideration of what these multiplying numbers have on others and our system of care for them,” said Holcomb.   

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