Local ripple effects of the war between Israel and Hamas

NOW: Local ripple effects of the war between Israel and Hamas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Although the war between Israel and Hamas is thousands of miles away, there's a ripple effect being felt here at home.

Notre Dame students studying abroad are being relocated out of Jerusalem because of the war, and Michiana locals who have family in Israel are hoping they can stay safe.

“Today our son was driving into work at Tel Aviv, and just ten minutes after he got into work, sirens went off,” shares Bob Feferman, Community Relations Director for the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley.

It’s hard to imagine what the past four days has been like for those on the ground amidst the conflict between Israel and Hamas, even for those who have family members reporting back as they take shelter from the violence.

“Everybody is just glued to their TV trying to see what is going on,” says a local Mosque-goer, Adam Musleh.

Both Feferman and Adam Musleh, two Michiana locals, are keeping close eyes on the war in hopes that their loved ones are okay.

“In Michiana and on the state level and elsewhere we need to take greater interest in what is happening, what is done in our name by politicians in Washington,” explains Ebrahim Moosa, Professor Islamic Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Moosa worries about remarks coming from politicians, including the president.

He's worried calls for support are really calls for escalation of violence, rather than peace.

“Our lives and our safety is threated in different ways because we are not following the path of justice as the United States,” Moosa says.

Staying engaged, showing support, and for people like Feferman and Musleh, hoping their family stays safe.

“The fact that the country, the United States is so united behind Israel gives me hope that Israel can carry forward the fight against terrorism,” Feferman says.

But it's still a divisive issue.

A rally being held on Wednesday at 6pm at Jon Hunt Plaza is organized by a student group called "Student Voices for Palestine".

It's criticizing Israel's historic role in the conflict speaking out against its "colonialist forces".

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