Local students present city photo project to elected officials

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A group of students met with elected officials on Monday to talk about their vision for the city of South Bend.

Students a part of the Neighborhood Resources Center’s Engaging Youth Engaging Neighborhoods (EYEN) program showed off their photo voice presentations to City Clerk Kareemah Fowler, Common Council President Tim Scott, and County Councilmember Diana Hess. 

“It means a lot to me to have my work presented in the city hall,” said Owen Koehler, an EYEN student.

In April, the group presented their photo voice projects to the communities on the near northwest side. The project’s objective was to identify assets, challenges, and possibilities within the city scape.

 “To be able to see the work here in the county city building, I think is a very positive message for the kids who have participated,” said Councilwoman Hess. “And the kids who are thinking they might want to participate in something like this.”

Hess said the purpose of the NRC is to promote community engagement and EYEN allows young people to develop into active community members. She said the city council and Mayor Pete Buttigieg are listening and see that what they are doing is important. 

“It’s definitely to me, is hopeful,” said Forest Wallace, another EYEN student. “I truly believe that this is going  to make a change in the south bend community and the nation and the world. At such a young age, if we can start making change now by the time we get 20 or 30 we’ll be moving mountains.” 

Hess said the group is looking to get more students from other neighborhoods involved in the program.


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