Local teen fights against brain tumor, brings Michiana community together

NOW: Local teen fights against brain tumor, brings Michiana community together

Bikers revved their engines across Michiana Saturday afternoon, for an Elkhart teen fighting for his life. 

This is was the first ride of Bradley's Brigade, after 14-year-old Bradley Weaver was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Exactly one week ago, the attached video was  taken, on Saturday, June 17.

24 hours later, Weaver took a turn for for the worst: moving from outpatient care to inpatient care. 

It's been a long year for both the Weaver and Farrough families. 

"A year ago, my nephew Bradley Weaver, started having seizures and the doctors weren't sure why," explains Weaver's uncle Peter Farrough.  "We come to find out it was brain cancer."

The family has been back and forth to Riley Hospital many times in the past year for treatment. 

"Radiation treatment in December and surgery, and it recently it took a turn for the worst. So they're bringing him back now so he can be with family," adds Weaver. 

In support, family and friends kicked up their kickstands to ride across Michiana. They ended up at the American Legion 308 in Osceola, all to raise money for Weaver's family.

"Bradley's not able to be cured, so we wanted to band together and raise money for his family for medical expenses and to help," says Brittany Wells.

Wells is one of the many volunteers helping Bradley's Brigade host their first benefit ride. 

A ride that she says she;s surprised to see just how many people attended.

"I'm proud to be apart of something like this where everyone is banding together to help his family," Wells adds

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