Local transgender woman shares her journey with ABC 57

Bruce Jenner's interview on ABC 20/20 is expected to create a conversation about sexual identity across Michiana. ABC 57 talked with transgender woman in South Bend who also runs the GLBT Center on Mishawaka Avenue.

Her name is Meghan Buell and her journey was not easy.

But journey is the key word in this story.

Everyone who goes through this process, experiences it differently.

“I always call my journey the journey of inner peace,” says Buell.

It starts from the inside. Buell should know, her journey started as early as she can remember.

Buell felt something just didn't fit.

“I just knew that I wasn't like all the other boys when I was growing up,” Buell says.

Buell says imagine if your brain and your body weren't a match.

“I don't wish this upon anybody,” says Buell.

But after years of making her transition, she's finally where she wants to be.

“When I finally came to terms with who I am as a person, my self-confidence sky-rocketed,” says Buell.

Because of that, it's now her mission to help people just like her reach their goals.

“Just go about living our lives worrying about the only struggles that everyone else worries about,” says Buell.

Buell helps people every day at the GLBT center in South Bend and by speaking to universities across the Midwest.

She also just earned a spot on the national Trans Top 100 list.  (http://thetrans100.com/)

For more information on the GLBT center, click here. (http://www.michianaglbtcenter.org/)
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