Local veteran asks community for help in purchasing needed service dog

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- 

After almost 10 years in the army including multiple deployments overseas, army veteran Howard Cable is working to adjust back to civilian life. That adjustment hasn't been easy. 

"I've been out for almost a year, year and a half, and it's been a struggle." said Cable. 

Cable has since been diagnosed with PTSD and depression. He's been hospitalized six times for suicidal attempts or thoughts.

"I'm exhausted with all the rehab. I can't afford to go back to rehab," said Cable.

He's hoping a service dog could help keep him out of rehab and enhance his life. 

Cable received a prescription for a service dog from the South Bend VA Outpatient Clinic. But when he moved forward with a local service dog organization, the VA said it couldn't help with the cost. 

Cable has already chosen a dog named Oliver with Northern Indiana Service Dogs. Oliver will cost $8,000. 

But Cable says that cost is worth it. He's already been able to visit with Oliver and see the benefits. 

"Just being around him and petting him and that touch, it really calms me down and it really helps me redirect my emotions." said Cable. "I'm just in love with him. He really does make me happy and I have a lot of peace being with him."

He's also reached out to other organizations but says it has been hard to find help. 

Cable has created a GoFundMe page to help with the cost and says any donation is a blessing. That page can be found here. 

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