Locals, organizers excited for River Lights Music Festival weekend

NOW: Locals, organizers excited for River Lights Music Festival weekend


Best week ever continues in South Bend with the River Lights Music Festival downtown. The festival is a collaboration between artists and community leaders to help illuminate south bend as a prime destination for original music in the Midwest

The second annual festival kicked off on Thursday, so what makes Friday so different? Well, several things including the fireworks display set to begin around 10:00 p.m. and more than 70 local and regional bands along with the set up of several stages around Seitz Park and the parking lot of the Emporium. You’ll also find food and drink vendors there.

ABC 57 News spoke with both organizers and South Bend Natives who says this is an event they’ve been looking forward to for months now.

“Really really excited. Working downtown, seeing all ages, people of all ages enjoying the downtown environment. Citizens as well as businesses, you can see the engagement from the community and it’s just a fun time to be in South Bend,” said Austin Gammage with the Business Development Corporation in South Bend.

The festival begins at noon Friday and 3:00 Sunday. Weekend passes are $25 at the gate and $20 online. Day passes are $15 for entry, $10 for students.

For more information, visit riverlightsmusic.com

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