Locals raise money for women leaving abusive relationships

NOW: Locals raise money for women leaving abusive relationships

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Local non-profit Angels in the Attic Ministries raised $2,645 at a fundraiser Sunday night to help women and children who have recently left an abusive relationship.

The money will go towards purchasing Christmas presents for the children of the women who have been helped by the organization.

“I’ve personally been through an abusive situation and I think that’s where my heart comes from it, just hoping that they don’t feel alone and if we can reduce the financial burden that’s one less reason they’re going to go back to their abuser,” says founder Kristine Kuroski.

For women leaving abusive situations with very little, Kuroski and her organization help fill the gaps, taking the financial burdens off as they transition from shelters to safe housing.

“My kids and I were in this situation for 9 years and it was just a really toxic relationship and we tried leaving a few times, went to abuse shelters and we always ended up going back and I think I always went back because financially  thinking about starting over on my own was terrifying. My hope is that by being there for them emotionally and connecting to them on a level because I’ve been in their position and then hopefully assisting them with some financial burdens that they will be out in less times. That’s the end goal,” says Kuroski.

It’s a rewarding experience for Kuroski, one that’s coming full circle.

“I get to see their lives move forward and success and happiness be obtainable for them and that’s really the best blessing,” says Kuroski.

To donate to the organization, checks can be made out to Angels in the Attic and sent to 20950 Ireland Road, South Bend, IN 46614.

For more information and to get involved, click here.

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