LOGAN opens new distribution center, adds more job opportunities

NOW: LOGAN opens new distribution center, adds more job opportunities


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Everyone deserves job opportunities! This is the mission of Logan Community Resources.

The Nonprofit has been serving the South Bend community since 1950 by offering opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they and their families may achieve a desired quality of life.

LOGAN functions on a social enterprise model, meaning, the nonprofit provides jobs for people in an integrated workforce, such as the new distribution center. These jobs then in turn help fund their mission, of equal job opportunities.

And now, the cycle is impacting even more people! The organization has expanded with a distribution center. In 2017 this warehouse division was run by 3 people. With the expansion, up to 30 people are currently able to work, and they are hoping to add 10 to 15 more.

James Madden previously worked in the offices at their old location. Now, with the new addition, he received an exciting promotion! For him, it is not only the position he holds, but also the community that makes LOGAN so special.

“This job means community, friends and a new lifestyle, it is a great job with a great community and lots of friendly people around,” says James Madden, LOGAN Production worker.

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