Longer (and sunny) days ahead for Michiana

NOW: Longer (and sunny) days ahead for Michiana

The sunshine shows no sign of stopping across Michiana.

While temperatures will be ebbing and flowing a bit, the sun will be steady, which is quite rare for March.

For some perspective, South Bend averages 4-5 days of complete sunshine for the ENTIRE month of March. Michiana could see six days of sunshine in March's first seven days alone.

The start of March 2021 is about as "lamb-like" as they come, with NO precipitation chances for the next seven days.

The increased chances for sunshine coincide with increased daylight, too! Michiana will get a brief moment with sunrises before 7 a.m. Remember, however, that Daylight Saving Time starts on March 14. That change will boost sunrise times an hour forward, and we'll start a month long journey to get back to that mark. 

Regardless, the sun will soon start working for you again! Michiana can look forward to vitamin D production from the sun starting on March 24, the date when the sun angle will eclipse the required 50 degrees. The time window is VERY small at the beginning, but you should be able to get your 15-20 minutes of early afternoon sunshine in by the start of April.

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