Lost Christmas letter earns Mishawaka mom a miracle

One girl’s lost letter to Santa inspired a surprise visit from good Samaritans looking to spread Christmas cheer.

That note ended up in the right hands and her mom is calling it divine intervention.

10-year-old Emily Parrack put a letter in her mailbox for Santa but it somehow fell out and landed at the feet of a friend of Reverend Greg Brown.

That letter moved Brown so much that he decided to surprise her at her home Wednesday evening dressed as Santa Claus.

It was an SUV instead of a sleigh parked outside Emily’s home and it was Rev. Brown instead of the real Mr. Claus answering Emily’s letter.

“All she wanted was a toilet, that’s all she wanted,” said Rev. Brown.

It was that modest gift Emily laid out in her lost letter.

“I really only want one thing for Christmas, my mom to be happy, she’s struggling with our toilet and money and license,” wrote Emily. “Please let my mom stop struggling.”

And it was a touching surprise that showed up to Emily’s home Wednesday night.

“I got quadruple blessed with [my daughter],” said mother Lisa Kuiper.

Single mother Lisa Kuiper shed tears of joy as Emily placed new joys under the once-empty Christmas tree.

It’s a welcomed change from the many tears of hardships she has shed.

“I struggle yeah, I mean I’m a single mom obviously, living on a waitress’s salary but I do what I can,” said Kuiper.

And she raised a selfless child who could’ve asked for anything this Christmas but chose to give her mom a break.

“She works really hard,” said Emily.

So now her mom doesn’t have to work too hard this Christmas thanks to Emily’s lost letter.

“God above made Emily for us to love, he picked you out from all the rest because he knew your love would work the best,” said Rev. Brown.

Rev. Greg Brown had a contractor fix their toilet before their surprise visit.

He says he and “The God Squad” are committed to helping others whenever they can so they knew this letter was meant to fall in their hands.

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