Louisville officer honored for helping runner cross finish line

A photo captured the world's heart as it showed a Louisville officer helping a woman finish a 10K race after she fell ill at mile four.

Monday, Louisville Metro Lieutenant Aubrey Gregory was honored by the city's Mayor.

"We don't give these out lightly," said Mayor Greg Fischer. "They're for great acts of citizenship. A key to the city."

"I was able to complete the race and I wanted to beat my number and even though I wanted to beat it by 15 minutes, I was sick and still beat it by three minutes," said Asia Ford, who finished the race thanks to Gregory's help.

Ford was running in the Rodes City Run this past weekend.

It was part of her weight-loss challenge after her husband lost a limb to diabetes.

Saturday morning, Ford decided to finish the Rodes City Run.

But at mile four, she began having issues breathing.

That's when Gregory stepped in and helped her complete the last two miles.

The two shared stories as they finished the race and walked across the finish line together.

The photo of Ford and Gregory crossing that finish line has turned into a national sensation, being shared across several social media sites.

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