M-DOT expands traffic camera program

NOW: M-DOT expands traffic camera program

EDWARDSBURG, Mich – The Michigan Department of Transportation is expanding their traffic camera program.

The program which was rolled out in 2011 is expanding to adding new cameras where it is needed according to M-DOT.

At this point there are 14 cameras in Berrien County and 40 cameras in the Southwest Michigan area.

“These cameras are something we have out on the roadways so the motorists can make better decisions on when and where they drive. It allows people to take a look and see what the conditions are like, to see what the weather conditions are like as well as the roadway conditions” M-Dot Engineer Stephen Brink said.

Those details can be found on the M-DOT website where you’ll see the information in real-time.

Each camera costs roughly $100,000 to install, along with maintenance and monitoring costs but M-Dot Spokesman Nick Schirippa says it’s all to prevent accidents.

“The price pales in comparison to the return. We’re investing $100,000 in one camera and if that one camera helps inform one motorist and that one motorist avoids a fatal crash that’s a socioeconomic cost of five-million dollars that doesn’t exist anymore” Schirippa said.

M-Dot tells ABC57 News that they are constantly assessing where cameras should be located and more will be going up in the near future.

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