Made in Michiana: Passionate Expressions Jewelry

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- There are many benefits to shopping locally. One such perk is getting to know the artist who created your purchase.

Kelly Boyd owns Passionate Expressions Jewelry in South Bend.

The jewels and beads scattered around Boyd’s South Bend home are about to be mixed and organized into some one-of-a-kind pieces.

"I put pieces together like a puzzle,” said Boyd.

Her jewelry doesn’t just reflect her style, they reflect her contagious personality.

Sometimes over the top, bold and eye catching.

"My jewelry, they're conversation pieces. They're statement pieces,” said Boyd.

Boyd has been making daring statements, for 30 years.

“I only use semi precious stones for my jewelry,” said Boyd.

She's inspired by a number of things, including encouragement from a woman who keeps an eye on her during the creative process, her grandmother.

“I'm so satisfied with my life and with what I do,” said Boyd.

Not many people can say that, or create jewelry like she does.

"Everyone is use to going to the mall. But the small businesses like myself, we have unique gifts. We put a lot of love into what we do,” said Boyd. 

Her work has been featured in local magazines. 

She travels all across the U.S., doing shows for events both big and small. 

"When I see people with my pieces on and they're telling other women, it's such a joy for me. I get so excited,” said Boyd. 

Boyd also teaches classes on jewelry making at Penn High School. 

Boyd’s jewelry is sold at Ms. Elles Boutique, 2235 45th Avenue, Highland, Indiana. You can reach her through her Facebook page, or contact her by email or phone – (269) 591-2095.

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