Madison and Marion streets to be converted to 2-way streets

The city of South Bend is planning to convert two more roads from one-way traffic to two-way traffic as part of the Smart Streets Initiative.

Marion and Madison streets will be converted.

The project is expected to take 60-90 days.

The Marion-Madison Streets Two-Way Conversion project is proposed to include the following major components:
  • Conversion to two-way operation through changes in pavement markings
    • On-street parking areas will be defined on Marion Street
    • Pavement markings will be removed on Madison Street between Marion and William Streets
  • Reconstruction of west end of Madison Street to create a T-intersection at Marion Street
  • Removal of traffic signal at Marion Street and Lafayette Boulevard
  • Intersection becomes 2 way stop with stop signs on Marion Street
  • Replacement of sections of sidewalk in poor condition
  • Replacement of sod in tree lawn areas adjacent to sidewalk replacements
  • Removal of trees in poor condition from the tree lawn
  • Planting of new trees in the tree lawn throughout the project area
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