Major events and festivals boost local economy

Three major events that will draw large crowds are happening this weekend. The Elkhart Jazz Festival, Mishawaka’s Summerfest and the 3rd Annual Blues and Ribs Fest at the Cove will not only bring the community together, they mean big business for local restaurants and shops.

People come from all over the U.S. to the Elkhart Jazz Festival.

Those attendees bring a lot more foot traffic to local businesses.

"It hasn't been negative at all. We're looking forward to evenings being more upbeat with a little more traffic-foot traffic,” said Linda Rupnow, owner of Matke Florists

"Oh yeah, a tremendous amount of traffic for the jazz fest. It's real great for us and real great for the community too,” said George Anagnos, co-owner 523 Tap and Grill.
Summer can be a make or break season for places like 523 Tap and Grill. The festivals generate crucial revenue for the season.

"Things pick up in the summertime. We have a brand-new patio that's been real popular. And a lot of festivals like now with the jazz fest, just is a great thing,” said Anagnos.
The visitors get a taste of all the fun and culture the local area has to offer.

"We do get a lot of people in from out of town that this festival brings in, and it's neat to see they really enjoy Elkhart, they give us a lot of compliments of how beautiful our city is,” said Anagnos.
"Even though the store has been here for almost 75 years, people still don't know that this store is even here, so just exposure is good,” said Rupnow.

Performers from more than 40 states will be here to play this weekend. There are also tons of food vendors at each of the festivals.

The Elkhart Jazz Festival will wrap up Sunday evening.

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