'Make South Bend' kicks off 2017

Thursday night was a chance to show off their best work.

One Michiana business opened their doors giving local artists the opportunity to tell their stories and perhaps even make a few bucks.

“Tonight me and my partner are gonna be selling prints, different stickers, magnets,” said illustrator Veronica Jurek.

“It’s huge it’s huge, I never knew this place existed and soon as found out ecstatic,” said painter Ashley Hatfield.

Thursday night, Hatfield, aka Paint Brush Ashley, joined Jurek and several other local artists and makers for the first Makers Market of the year.

“Gives makers a chance to tell stories and show work to community to where maybe don’t get chance when online,” Make South Bend owner Michelle Fitzgerald.

Each third Thursday of every month, Fitzgerald turns her businesses into an artist’s paradise.

"Sort of a low risk time to explore space and ask questions,” said Fitzgerald.

Starting February 17, Make South Bend will begin offering 24 hour access to its members.

For more information, click here.

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