Making strides and baskets for Heart disease awareness

NOW: Making strides and baskets for Heart disease awareness


NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Men from local businesses came together at Purcell Pavilion to learn about Heart disease and have some fun shooting hoops, too.

Head coach, Mike Brey, held a “Tip-Off for Heart” event on his Men’s Basketball court on Wednesday evening to raise money and to inform local men the importance of Heart disease awareness.

Heart disease is the nation’s number one killer, and that’s why Brey is committed to the cause.

"Anything we can do to educate men on heart health, I think is a positive thing. We've had some guys lose almost 40 pounds since the inception of this, because the program is to educate and help them know how to better take care of their heart." The winningest coach in Notre Dame’s Men’s basketball said.

Brey’s main goal this event is to teach men about health, but raising money for research is also beneficial.

Tip-Off for Heart has raised more than $200 thousand dollars for research of Heart disease.

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