Community organization works to end gun violence

NOW: Community organization works to end gun violence

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “I am tired of burying our children, so it’s time for us to take a stand,” said Rose Redding, Vice President of Mamas Against Violence.   

According to data from South Bend Police, in 2020, South Bend has seen one hundred and fifteen shooting victims and a total of 19 homicides by gunfire. Now one organization is taking a stand against the violence.

“I guess you might say it was all inspired by the loss of my son,” said Bobbie Woods, President of Mamas Against Violence.   

Woods started the organization back in 2003 after her and 3 other women began meeting to support one another through the loss of their own children. Woods says the organization welcomes any mothers mourning with open arms. 

“We are just here to embrace you, to support you, and to let you know, you are not alone. You do not ever have to grieve alone,” said Woods. 

Tonight, Mamas Against Violence met with not only other mothers, but also representatives from the South Bend Police Department and the Mayor’s office to ask questions and speak on their concerns.

“Every time I hear about someone else’s child being murdered, mine’s come back to life. My hurt rises up all over again,” Redding.    

Division Chief of the South Bend Police Department, Tim Lancaster spoke about how the department has a group violence initiative in place. He says they have regular patrols and known hot spot areas within the city.

The mothers also were able to speak with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor, Ken Cotter, virtually, about the unsolved cases.

“It meant a lot and it meant a lot to have the prosecutor on the line that we could talk to him and ask him questions. It means that they care. It means that they care about the community, and the mothers who have gone through violence,” said Redding.   


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