Man accused of driving his vehicle into woman's home, threatening her

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A man is facing charges after allegedly driving his vehicle into a woman's home, pushing her vehicle in the garage into the kitchen, nearly injuring a child, according to court records. He is also accused of sending her threatening text messages.

Gregory Smith, 47, has been charged with one count of stalking.

Smith is accused of going to the victim's house on May 25 and forcing his way into the house, uninvited, reports said. The victim had to force him out of the house.

Two days later, on May 27, the victim was home with her three children when she began receiving text messages from Smith.

Court records say the messages said:

  • "I will kill ready"
  • "I am going to kill myself now I hope you are happy celebrating."
  • "What I am about to do is crazy stand back."

After receiving the final text, she went outside onto her front porch and watched as Smith drove his Ford Expedition through the victim's closed garage door, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Smith's vehicle struck the victim's vehicle inside the garage, which was pushed into the home's kitchen, reports said.

One of the victim's children was in the kitchen at the time and was almost hit, according to reports.

Smith then left the scene.

The victim then began receiving additional text messages from Smith.

  • "Do not [expletive deleted] with a person mind. Just do not ok [name redacted]. Ounce a killer always is a killer. Learn from this."
  • “I am telling everyone who comes near me I will kill you.”
  • “I am and I will coming for you make me [expletive deleted] homeless and [expletive deleted]. And happy [expletive deleted] that fat man.”
  • “I am going to kill somebody tonite. For you to show i love you. I am ready my shot is clear.”
  • “I am in your back yard in the woods I am ready lying faithfull [expletive deleted].”
  • “I am going to kill.”

Officers attempted to locate Smith.

At 11:55 p.m. while two officers were on the victim's porch, Smith walked towards the victim's house.

When officers told him to show his hands, he said they should shoot him, according to reports.

One of the officers deployed a taser, but it did not affect Smith.

Smith was taken to the ground and Smith was taken into custody.

Smith is due to be arraigned on Thursday.

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