Man accused of resisting law enforcement, hitting officer

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - A man was arrested after he allegedly resisted law enforcement while being arrested during a protection order violation report, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Robert Fannon-England was arrested on the charges of unlawful possession of syringe, invasion of privacy, and three counts of resisting law enforcement.

On Sunday, an officer with the Mishawaka Police Department responded to the 800 block of Main Street for a protective order violation report.

At the scene, the officer was told the suspect, Fannon-England, was in the back of the house and left out of the back door.

Another witness said Fannon-England was hiding in a closet.

The officer went to the closet and told Fannon-England to come out.

Fannon-England suddenly got out of the closet and started walking away from police, reports said.

Despite orders to stop, Fannon-England said no several times and continued walking away from the officer, according to reports.

The officer tried to grab his arm but instead grabbed his shirt, which tore as Fannon-England allegedly pulled away and ran.

Fannon-England tripped but got up before the officer could detain him.

At the front of the house, Fannon-England fell on his back.

As the officer approached, Fannon-England allegedly tried to push him away with his foot.

Once on his stomach, Fannon-England was put in handcuffs.

At some point, Fannon-England hit the officer in the eye, causing pain, reports said.

While searching Fannon-England, the officer found a hypodermic needle in one of his pockets.

The officer confirmed a woman at the scene had a protection order against Fannon-England.

The woman said she had been at the residence for about an hour when she realized Fannon-England was there.

At the time, she didn't have a phone to call police.

Another person found a phone and police were called.

Fannon-England is being held at the St. Joseph County Jail on no bond.

He is due in court on Wednesday.

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