Man arrives at Lakeland Hospital with gunshot wounds

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Police are investigating a shooting at a housing complex in Benton Township, after a man showed up at Lakeland Hospital with mulitple gunshot wounds.  The victim told police he was leaving the Blossom Acre housing complex in Benton Township late last night when someone shot him.

27-year-old Freddie Lewis is in stable condition, but many of his neighbors are still shaken up by the incident.

"It makes me very nervous because one time it happened and my grandkids were just over here", said neighbor of victim.

She says she does not know who the shooter was, but many neighbors I talked to say there are young gangs from different housing communities.  She says until they catch whoever shot Lewis there is only one thing she can do to protect herself.

"I stay in the house and I don't go out too late", said neighbor of victim.

Benton Township police are still looking for answers.  Anyone with information is asked to come forward immediately.

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