Man caught fondling himself in South Bend family's backyard

NOW: Man caught fondling himself in South Bend family’s backyard

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A family in South Bend's River Park neighborhood had an unexpected visitor Thursday afternoon.

A man, parked just outside of their fenced in backyard, was seen inappropriately touching and showing himself. 

The South Bend family, with four teenagers, is now scared and disturbed on their own street.

"It's always iffy because I'm a girl, but especially now, it's even scary," says one of the teenage daughters. 

The daughter told ABC57 News what they witnessed.

"We were taking our dogs out. And there's some guy parked in the alley," she explains. "He rolled down the window and he had his shirt off. He also had his pants down."

The disturbing act took place just feet away from where many of the neighborhood kids come to play. 

"It's kind of disgusting and disturbing. It's makes me upset that they can't even go outside without seeing that stuff It's gross," she adds. 

Her mom snapped photos of the car.  It is a dark colored, Chevy Cruze with tinted windows.

The family has filed a police report.  Officers are still searching for the suspect. 

"It worries me now that [the kids] have to be more cautious and making sure they're being safe," says the teen. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the South Bend Police Department. 

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