Man involved in Goshen double murder sentenced


The two men charged in a Goshen double murder appeared in court Thursday. One of the suspects was sentenced and the other appeared in court for a hearing.

Friends and family of the victims were in court expecting more clarity on the motive for killing their loved ones. 

“There are still a lot of people who want to know why, and I want to know why?, ask Sergio Pizaña, Jose Nava Orozco’s friend.

Pizaña says he grew up with Nava and cannot understand why someone would kill his friend along with Marco Carmona Gonzalez. 

Luis Rivas and Diego Ramos were each charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Jose Nava -Orozco and Marco Carmona-Gonzalez in March 2016.

In July, Rivas pleaded guilty to assisting a criminal.

During that July plea hearing, Rivas told the court he helped Ramos by burning the clothes worn that night and giving false statements to police.

In court Thursday, Rivas was sentenced to six years in prison for assisting a criminal. He was also sentenced to six years for the criminal gang enhancement.

“I think based on the facts and the evidence it was the right outcome in this particular case,” says David Francisco one of Rivas’ attorneys. 

A family member of Nava and Carmona spoke during Rivas’ hearing. Blanca Nava said Rivas reached out to her saying he was sorry. He told her he was involved in the murder because Ramos threatened him.

Deputy Prosecutor Vicki Becker said she could not comment on the validity of Nava's statement.

Now only future trial dates should reveal more but until then the victim’s loved ones hold on to memories.
“I go on his Facebook page pretty much every day just to look at all his videos posted on there to remember him but it’s hard,” says Pizaña.    

Ramos was also in court on Thursday. His attorney asked for more time to go over discovery with his client.

Ramos’ trail date was rescheduled for November 14.

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