Man killed in shooting at Benton Harbor apartment complex

NOW: Man killed in shooting at Benton Harbor apartment complex


BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - The second deadly shooting to happen this year at the River Terrace Apartments in Benton Harbor is leaving those who live there worried.

“A lot of people want to move out from down here because of the violence,” said Reverend Richard Hall Jr.

The apartment complex, on Eighth Street in Benton Harbor, looked quite peaceful Wednesday afternoon.

Families picked up free summer lunches while children climbed the jungle gym.

But Reverend Hall, who has lived here for 16 years in the accompanying high rise, said news of another deadly shooting Tuesday night adds to a chilling effect that he and other older community members are experiencing.

“They’re scared to go to the grocery store to get their groceries,” he said.

Benton Harbor Police were called to the back right corner of the complex around 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday for shots fired.

“[Officers] found a 32-year-old man,” said Michael Clark, deputy director of Benton Harbor’s Department of Public Safety. “He had been shot – he was pretty bad. Taken to Lakeland [Hospital]. It was at Lakeland, during treatment, when he passed away.”

Clark said police don’t yet know what led to the shooting.

The victim has not been identified, as of Wednesday evening.

No suspect descriptions have been released and no arrests have been made.

This is the second murder to happen at the River Terrace Apartments in 2017.

It’s also the fourth murder in the city of Benton Harbor this year.

Clark said only one arrest has been made in connection to one of the earlier homicide investigations.

He also said a few other warrants are being reviewed by the prosecutor.

While he said there’s no indication any of the four murders are connected, Clark said the public can still help his department by keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

“Don’t just see it and ignore it or think that somebody else will,” he said. “We’d rather get two or three calls about the same thing, than no calls.”

Reverend Hall said a lot of young people who don’t live at the complex come to it and cause trouble.

He hopes community members can come together to stop the violence.

“What if your child was to get shot by a stray bullet from somebody that don’t live out here, just come out here to do whatever they do?” Hall said.

If you have any information about this crime, you can contact the tip line at 269-927-0293 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-7867.


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