Man revives young girl after she goes into cardiac arrest on the track field

Culver, Ind. -- Many are calling one Michiana man a hero.  Adam Rippy, a certified athletic trainer with St. Joseph Medical Center, revived a young girl on the track field after she went into cardiac arrest.

"She crossed the finish line and just kind of collapsed right there at the finish line." Rippy described.

The track and bleachers were packed Wednesday for the Marshall County Relays. But when one Laville Middle School student collapsed everything came to a halt.

"When i approached her and saw that her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and she wasn’t responding to any of the stimulus we knew we had to go into action." explained Rippy. Adam Rippy says once he realized her body was going into cardiac arrest, he knew exactly what needed to be done. "I shocked her with the defibrillator, that kind of put some breath back into her."

Rippy says there are not any words to describe the moment that she opened her eyes. "It was just it was extremely relieving.  once she started answering our questions i knew she was okay."

Many are calling rippy a hero, saying her revival was nothing short of a miracle. But he says,  it was just another day at the office. "I was just doing my job that’s why I'm here to take care of that situation." And he says he couldn’t have done it alone. "It wasn’t just me it was a community effort, we all pulled through and got her taken care of."

The young girl was transported to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis where she was held for a few days to stabilize her and try figure out what caused the cardiac arrest.

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