Man shot during robbery attempt

ELKHART, Ind. - An Elkhart man claimed that he was shot during an attempted robbery late Friday night.

Police were called to 214 West Indiana Ave. to a reported shooting.

When officers got to the scene they found a 45-year-old man who had been shot to the back, the man was not identified.

The victim had a gun shot to his lower left back area. He told police that two young men walked up to him and tried to rob him.

Both men were described as black and between 18-21 years old. The victim said one of them drew a hand gun and shot him.

The victim was taken to Elkhart General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Police told ABC 57 News that his injury doesn't appear to be life threatening.

If anyone has information about the shooting they are asked to contact Elkhart Police at 574-295-7076.

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