Man snatches Chihuahua from woman, takes off with it

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Michele Rhinesmith's dog, Mocha, is more than just a pet.

The two-year-old chihuahua roamed the streets before she took him in eight months ago.

"We don't go anywhere without him," Rhinesmith said.

Since then, he's become a part of the family - until now.

Rhinesmith was with her fiance at a South Bend auto parts store on Monday. She said an older guy was leaving the store, and noticed her with the dog in the parking lot.

That's when she said he started petting it, and out of nowhere, snatched little Mocha and took off.

"I hope it comes to heart with him, where he'd bring him back to me," Rhinesmith said. "I'd really appreciate it."

At her wit's end, she's hoping someone finds him so he can join the family again.

Everytime she looks at Mocha's empty dog bed and idle toys, she can't help but wonder.

"I'm wondering where he's at, wondering if he's trying to find his way to me, or if a car hit him," Rhinesmith said. "I just don't want anything happening to him; I want him to come home."

If you know any information about the lost pup, contact ABC57 News.

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