Man trades vintage Monopoly car for $300 snowboard

MILFORD, Ind. --  In this tough economy, people are bartering for all types of thing; food, labor, and even clothes.

Now, one Milford man is trading up items to see how far he can go. 

Curtis Smeltzer's journey of trading all started with his grandmother's vintage Monopoly car.

"I put it up on Craigslist and just traded it," said Smeltzer.

The original car was only worth about $2, but it has evolved into a $300 snowboard. 

Smeltzer's bartering has not been easy.

"It takes about 20 hours of work of phone calls per trade."

He has been documenting it all online on his website

Here is the quick version of his two-year trading adventure.

"Monopoly car, psychology textbook, wood-burning stove, an old boat trailer, handmade knife, playing cards, snowboard," said Smeltzer.

Smeltzer is not the first one to put this trading up system to the test.

"I was inspired by a guy who started with a red paper clip and traded eventually for a house," said Smeltzer.

He has a similar goal in mind.

"I am trying for real estate," said Smeltzer.

But he said even if he never reaches a goal of a house for his family, he has had a lot of fun along the trading trail.

"I like to meet new people, talk to new people, this is another avenue for that," said Smeltzer.

Currently Smeltzer is looking to trade his $300 snowboard.

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