Many run-down properties owned by same man

GOSHEN, Ind. -- A Goshen man owns 151 properties in the town, but many of them have broken windows and trash on the property. He rents out some of the homes and uses others for storage.

At one of Ron Davidhizar's homes, we couldn't get to the front door because the floor wasn't stable enough.

Another has broken windows and the driveway is used as storage.

One woman who rents from Davidhizar says she couldn't believe the conditions she had to move her kids into.

"When we moved down here, we moved down here with a U-haul. By the time we got down here and seen the inside and it was too late for us to turn around because there was no place for us to go," she said.

From broken windows to leaky pipes, she says the $800 a month she pays in rent doesn't go towards fixing the problems.

When she moved her family in, it was supposed to be a fresh start.

"Our fresh start as you see is kind of crumbling," she said.

She wants to wake up from this nightmare and live in the dream house she thought she was moving into.


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