Marching to end gun violence in South Bend

NOW: Marching to end gun violence in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind - Fifteen years since their founding and Mamas Against Violence is still determined to create a safer South Bend

The organization that was started after one of its founders son was murdered held its annual walk against violence

“When someone passes away whether you know them or not it has an effect on you, it has an effect on our world because that person could've been the next Doctor, could've been the person to cure cancer, could've been the next person to be our president, or they could've been the next person to change our community but they're not here anymore because of gun violence” Calondrea Petty said.

South Bend's crime rate has highs and lows like every city and the organization says there's not a specific number they would put on success but they say it is a lower murder rate than we are currently seeing

Mamas Against Violence co-founder Bobbie Woods says achieving their goal is a community effort

“It takes the whole community to really make a difference, not the police department, not any other one organization, Bobbie Woods, not mamas against violence, but the community as a whole, we need each and every one to make a difference” Bobbi Woods said.

The organization says they plan on organizing another walk for the same weekend next year

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