Marine shoots, kills legendary sniper

FORT WORTH, Texas — One of the military's most skilled and deadliest snipers is a shooting victim himself.

Chris Kyle was a highly decorated Navy Seal who served four tours of duty in Iraq.

The legendary sniper once shot a target from more than a mile away. He was also the author of the bestselling book American Sniper.

Eddie Ray Routh, a 25-year-old ex-Marine, is accused of shooting Kyle and another man at a shooting range near Dallas.

Kyle was helping the marine deal with post traumatic stress.

"Chris had a difficult time transitioning from military life to civilian life himself and that's a big reason why he cared so much about helping other veterans. We have a big issue with PTSD," said Brandon Webb, friend of Chris Kyle.

Routh is now charged with two counts of murder and is in jail on $3 million bond.


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