Mark McGill becomes fill in PA announcer for Chicago Cubs

NOW: Mark McGill becomes fill in PA announcer for Chicago Cubs

While Mark McGill has always been a fixture at Four Winds Field, he has been called up to the big leagues. He is now a fill-in announcer for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, but he remains dedicated to the South Bend Cubs and his Michiana home.

For the past 9 seasons, McGill has been at Four Winds Field for the South Bend Cubs opening day.

This year, he won't be there. Instead, he will be welcoming fans to Wrigley field.

On March 29, he auditioned to be the fill-in public address announcer for the Chicago Cubs.

"Completely surreal. I am a Chicago boy, a lifelong Cubs fan. My dad had season tickets. Just to be at that park as you know, is magical anyway. I was pinching myself the entire time, because still to this day, it doesn't seem real," McGill said.

The audition turned into a fill-in position with a guaranteed 6 games.

McGill has been on the radio for two decades, he did traffic for ABC57, was the in-game entertainer at Four Winds Field and now adds Wrigley Field announcer to his resume.

He explained what the South Bend Cubs organization means to him.

"It's everything. It's family. It really is. And that was the deal that I made with Andrew Berlin and even the Chicago Cubs, that yes, Chicago would be my priority but I'm not leaving South Bend. I'm not leaving the South Bend Cubs. I've got a whole lot of baseball this summer, potentially, when Chicago's on the road and South Bend's home, I'll be here. We're not moving, Michiana's our home. And it's just an opportunity. My mom lives in Chicago so I can stay with her during homestands and come back and be part of Michiana when the Cubs are on the road," McGill said.

McGill debuted at Wrigley Field on Monday as the Chicago Cubs faced the LA Dodgers.

In the booth with him is a photo of his father.

"I've got a picture, Allison, of my dad here at Fourwinds Field, and I'm going to get choked up, holding my microphone wearing a Cubs hat. That'll be in the booth with me," McGill said.

Chris Hagstrom-Jones of the South Bend Cubs had the photo of Jim McGill made into a cutout so he will never miss a game.

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