Marshall County community reflects on historic flooding one year later

NOW: Marshall County community reflects on historic flooding one year later


PLYMOUTH, Ind. – Torrential downpour melted feet of snow last February and as a result it left communities in Michiana underwater.

In Marshall County, the historic flooding destroyed roads, homes, and businesses.

Eight feet of water flooded Richard and Angie Bisnauth’s home during the historic February flooding.

“It was almost like being helpless because all you could do is sit and watch,” said Angie.

Over the past year, the couple has spent $66,000 and countless hours repairing the first floor of their home. They hope to finish renovations by August.

“All of your hard work washed away helplessly without having the power to do anything about it, that’s how we felt,” said Richard.

County leaders said high waters closed 75 roads and bridges, impacted 250 homes, and damaged an estimated 25 to 30 businesses throughout the county.

County Commissioner Mike Delp said the county is helping three homeowners rebuild their homes and waiting on money from FEMA to repair some roads and bridges.

“There wasn’t anything that anyone could have done to help that from happening,” said Richard.

The county received close to $1 million in individual disaster relief aid from FEMA, the Small Businesses Administration, and private donations.

But the Bisnauth’s believe it’s the Marshall County community their family and other families have met along the way that’s helped them all appreciate this journey.

“You realize that with the right people by your side, the families that we have met, you have the tools then to begin to conquer and today were conquering,” said Richard. “I can say that we beat the flood. It came, it hit us hard but were coming out ahead, were winning because we have close friends by our sides.”

Delp agreed with that sentiment. He says in total, organizations and individuals volunteered 21,704 hours over the past year.

“It doesn’t surprise me that people will step up and help Richard and Angie and all of the other families and businesses who were helped here,” said Delp. “I think people will step up when that need arises and I think that’s the neat thing about living in Marshall County.”

There will be a community wide flood recovery celebration on Sunday, May 19, from 4 to 7 p.m. at River Park Square.

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