Marshall County to nearly triple money spent on juvenile offenders

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Marshall County is more known for its crops than its crime. But this year, that may not be the case.

"Although crime in America is statistically going down, and that is true in Marshall County, repeat offenders among juveniles seems to be going up," said James Pheibush.

James Pheibush, Assistant Chief Probation Officer at the Marshall County Probation Department, said he can't explain why crime amongst the youth is on the rise.

"Kids are suspected for burning down the Liberty Street Depot here,” said Pheibush. “We've had kids this year commit rape. We have had this year two kids who had meth labs in their room.”

And the county doesn't have enough money to pay for it all.

Last year, Marshal County spent $78,000 to provide services for juveniles. This year, it'll almost triple that expecting to spend almost $200,000.

"At the end of this month, the little money we have in that line item will be gone,” said Pheibush.

That's why it’s seeking additional taxpayer funds from the county. The county council will make a decision in early July.

“As a taxpayer, I suppose it's money well spent,” said Thomas Boys.

Boys isn't sure whether the council will approve the request, but thinks it's a good idea.

"I lived out of town for a few years, but came back because it is such a good community,” said Boys “The people that live here are generally good people."

And that's why Pheibush is working so hard to reduce the number of teens in the juvenile system. 

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