Massive brawl breaks out at local Kroger

NOW: Massive brawl breaks out at local Kroger

ELKHART, IND. -- A brawl at a local Elkhart grocery store was caught on camera.

Witnesses say at least a dozen women were involved in a fight that wreaked havoc at the Kroger on Johnson Street on Monday night.

“There were tables thrown, baskets thrown, some other ladies came in, one was carrying a baseball bat,” Chad Rapp said. 

Chad Rapp and his family were in the self-checkout lane, waiting to ring up cat litter and cat food, when what some would call, the cat fight, broke out. 

“And when that happened, there was a girl in a grey shirt and she started macing people,” Rapp explained. “One lady lost her shirt, and she ran out, it was just a big cluster.”

All the action was caught on cellphone video posted to Facebook.

“There were little kids in the first aisle of the self-checkout, then eventually they hurried up and got out of the way,” said Rapp. 

The video shows bystanders who are startled at the disorder unfolding around them.

“Me and my son basically sandwiched my wife in-between so we could protect her,” Rapp mentioned. 

Kroger released this statement regarding the fight to ABC57:

“It is always disappointing to see such behavior anywhere. There is no excuse for it. We appreciate the Elkhart Police officers who brought the matter under control. We will do everything we can to support the officers and their investigation.”

Elkhart Police say the fight was over when officers arrived.

Police would not release the cause or details of the fight due to the ongoing investigation.

Records show that 36-year-old Jennifer Mcclinton was arrested as a result of the fight. 

If you ever find yourself a witness to a public fight, officials ask that you pick up your phone to call police right away.

“Whether it be a park or a store, or just driving down the road, any time there’s a fight or an altercation. We highly suggest that you leave the immediate area,” said Lt. Travis Snider. “We have to recommend that you don’t record it because that might get you involved in the situation. The aggressor might see you recording and that could put potential danger on you.”

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