May 4th: The coldest day that wasn't

Just after midnight of May 4th, 2016, temperatures were still in the mid to upper 50s.  However, after a low pressure system crossed over Michiana, bringing with it a soaking rain for the morning commute, followed by plunging temperatures, the daytime hours felt more like a day in late autumn than a day in early May.

By 7AM, temperatures had plummeted into the mid 40s.  When you factored in the rain and the howling northwesterly wind, wind chills dipped into the mid 30s at times.  

The record coldest May 4th was set back in 1967 with a high of 47°.  Now, in the almanac for 2016, May 4th will have a high of 56° set at 12:49PM, but the low temperature for the day as of 4PM local time will be 42° set at 1:40PM.  Even though we spent most of the day with temperatures below the record coldest May 4th, 2016 will not be considered the coldest May 4th there ever was- it will be considered the coldest May 4th that wasn't.

Be sure to stay tuned to ABC-57 as we track the return to more seasonable temperatures for the weekend.  You can always check back for your daily forecast here.

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