May House moved to new location on Riverside Drive

NOW: May House moved to new location on Riverside Drive

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The May House, a 2,400 square foot Georgian Colonial, was moved from Park Lane to its new home on Riverside Drive Thursday morning.

“1929, built by the May family, the May family was responsible for one of the older law firms in town, but also built the neighborhood around it, and was part of the land that became Leeper Park," said Todd Zeiger of Indiana Landmarks.

Wolfe House and Building Movers moved the two-story house .2 miles from its location near Memorial Hospital to the Chapin Park Historic District.

Beacon Health System, which owned the house, donated it to Indiana Landmarks and contributed to the cost of the move.

“Beacon Hospital has owned this house for a long, long time. It was used for a variety of things; doctor’s offices, it was used for a non-for-profit for a long time, but really just didn’t have a use for it anymore," Zeiger said. "Rather than it becoming a crisis where it’s going to be demolished, we just worked together to find a spot to put it.”

After some stabilization work, Indiana Landmarks will offer the house for sale as a single family home.

"It’s in excellent condition outside and inside, so it’ll make a great in-fill house where it’s going with an empty lot," Zeiger said.

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