Mayor asks special prosecutor for clarification in Eric Logan investigation

South Bend Mayor James Mueller has submitted questions to the special prosecutor in charge of the Eric Logan investigation. The mayor says he wants the prosecutor to clarify some points and release evidence from the case.

Mayor Mueller states in the letter he and the South Bend Police Department have questions about the investigation and would like clarity on some points.

In addition, he asks Special Prosecutor Ric Hertel to release evidence he used to come to his determination no charges should be filed against former officer Ryan O'Neill.

Here are the questions Mueller would like answered:

1) Can you clarify your conclusion from the investigation; did you determine that you could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that former Officer O'Neill was unreasonable to use deadly force or did you determine that former Officer O'Neill was justified in using deadly force?

2) Can you explain how pieces of evidence from the scene could have no fingerprints or DNA ( e.g. touch DNA, partial print, element affected)?

3) Were any fingerprints or DNA recovered from other vehicles that were broken into in the area aside from the white Subaru?

4) Are there any indicators as to why O'Neill contradicted himself over the knife-throwing statement?

5) What was the full context of O'Neill's quote to investigators where he characterized the department's body camera policy?

6) Do you have any additional information suggesting how far apart O'Neill and Logan were when the shots were fired?

7) Can you explain how the bullet entered Logan's abdomen at a 30-degree angle?Are there any diagrams or a detailed analysis of how that angle could have occurred?

8) Will you release measurements, maps, and diagrams developed in the course of the investigation?

9) Will you provide all photos and videos obtained during the course of the investigation?

10) Will you release all official statements from eyewitnesses and officers?

11) Will you release all other information that can be shared with the public?

12) If there is any information or materials you are unable to release, could you please provide more details about what is being withheld exactly and the reason they cannot be released?

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