Mayor Buttigieg introduces budget proposal for 2018

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg introduces budget proposal for 2018

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The proposed 2018 financial budget was introduced on Wednesday.

The budget is about the same as 2017’s at $358 million but after some community conversations several key items were added to the plan.

“There’s a few things the mayor put in that were a little surprising. The healthy homes initiative, looking at lead paint,” says Scott,

The proposed budget tackles some big public health issues.

In response to growing concerns from residents, $300,000 in funding would go towards reducing lead poisoning.

The “Healthy Homes” rental safety inspection program would get $180,000. Over $70,000 would go towards fighting opioid addiction issues.

“Every budget decision is informed by what people have to say because it’s not just a financial document it’s really a moral document it reflects our values and it reflects what we care about,” says Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

There’s also an ambitious parks and recreation investment, $24 million would fund the new green spaces in the city.

All of that and more is still up for discussion.

“There’s plenty of time to get involved all of the council committee hearings about the budget are public and that means any member for the public can come you can submit questions. Anybody can come we are trying to be as transparent as possible because its residents money,” says Mayor Buttigieg.

The community can speak their minds at the council’s meeting on Monday.

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