Mayor Buttigieg speaks at US Conference of Mayors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke at the US Conference of Mayors at the 87th Winter Meeting in DC Thursday.

He spoke at the Childhood Obesity Prevention Luncheon Thursday afternoon about the shutdown, his exploratory committee for president and about his successes in South Bend.

While speaking about his possible run for president, he said he understood how unusual it is for someone so young to run for president.

"We did hear some skepticism about a mayor going straight into the national arena.  Some people even said 'You ought to run for congress first.' I mean no disrespect to the United States Congress, but that is a very different job and I would argue that our country right now would be a better place if congress looked more like the community of American mayors and not the other way around," Mayor Buttigieg said.

The mayor ended his discussion by saying the White House needs something completely different--and that might just mean making a mayor president.

Watch his full speech below:

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