Mayor Buttigieg swears in new members of AmeriCorps

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg swears in new members of AmeriCorps


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – 50 new AmeriCorps members from across northern Indiana were sworn in on Tuesday by South Bend Mayor and Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The Green Corps of South Bend’s AmeriCorps program is comprised of seven members, and they focus on improving energy efficiency for lower income residents.

This program also works in conjunction with the Corporation for National and Community Service.

“Through this year and beyond you will always be able to say you served AmeriCorp,” Mayor Buttigieg said. “When you let people know that, if they know anything about anything, they will respect you and appreciate you that much more and the three of us are among those who thank you and will honor you for your service during and beyond.”

According to officials, over 125 homes in South Bend in 2019 were participants in incremental weatherization and energy education.

The City says that they are committed to reducing water and energy costs for every resident.

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