Mayor Mueller issues executive order committing South Bend as Broadband Ready City

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend Mayor James Mueller issued an executive order Tuesday calling on South Bend to be a "Broadband Ready Community" and expand internet options in the city.  

“Broadband is essential infrastructure in our city for residents, businesses, and community organizations to thrive in today’s economy,” said Mayor James Muller. “We must be efficient, communicative, and collaborative to seize this historic moment and to continue bridging South Bend’s digital divide.”

The order calls on Mayor Mueller's team to establish a "Connectivity Coalition" of local organizations that work together to improve digital equity across the city.

It also calls for a local "Digital Equity Plan," a formal outline of where the city stands on the digital divide issue and what efforts are being and should be made to improve widespread access to the internet. According to the executive order, the plan will be updated at least every five years.

The city's efforts align with the State of Indiana Broadband Office's Broadband Ready Communities Program, city leaders said.

Click here to read the full executive order.

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