MDOT utilizes GPS tech for snow plows

When facing winter weather, MDOT has a powerful tool on their side. And you do too. You can now track each of their plows using GPS technology.

MDOT now allows you to see a map of snow plow trucks in your area, using GPS technology.
The GPS is functional whenever the trucks are going more than 10 miles per hour. And many of the trucks have cameras on the dashboards. That way you can get a view of the conditions before you head out. 

The tech is also being utilized to help MDOT coordinate their road efforts more efficiently. And knowing which areas have already been taken care of has helped MDOT save millions of dollars in salt.

"That helps us shape a really good strategy for our entire fleet for any given location or county or trunk liner or corridor," said Nick Schirripa with MDOT. "It arms us with more information and the more information we have the better choices we can make."

You can go to to see the plows in your area. 

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