MDOT working to decrease traffic fatalities

It is estimated that at least 35,000 traffic fatalities happen on U.S roads each year. The Michigan Department of Transportation is continuing a statewide initiative again this year in an effort to change that.

It is called "Towards Zero Deaths" and the goal of the safety initiative is to reduce traffic deaths to zero.

Just this past week there were 29 people killed on Michigan roads. This brings the year total for Michigan up to 690 fatalities.

The safety initiative aims to influence driver behavior and improve safety. One of the things MDOT has done is place electronic signs on various roads that has messages about the number of total deaths for the year. That is to get drivers thinking about the harsh reality of the numbers. There are also construction projects MDOT has done to help with problem areas.
Studies show that driver behavior factors into about 90% of all fatal crashes and that most fatal crashes happen on dry roads in clear weather conditions.

To learn more about TZD, click here.

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