Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Heroes...

ELKHART, Ind. -- Smash! Ka-Boom! Pow! Are looking to bring out your inner super hero? You may want to check out a museum in Elkhart.

It's called the Hall of Heroes, and as ABC57 Photojournalist Matthew Armitage shows us, the museum packs quite the punch!

"I started collecting as a kid. My dad started reading comic books and over the last 30 years amassed the largest comic book and super hero collection in the world,” said Allen Stewart from the Hall of Heroes.

"It’s just something I really got into as a kid and just kind of got addicted to it and it's just something I never outgrew
," said Stewart.

People are just amazed. We get people from all over the country at the Hall of Heroes. Because, we cover the whole 70-year history of super heroes, comics, toys, and film animation," said Stewart.

"The museum is sort of like a time machine. We get people who come in, who bring their kids in to see the museum, and the adults actually have more fun than the kids do. The kids see all the cool super heroes and displays and say, 'Oh, this is cool!' But, then the parents come in and they're like, 'Oh, I remember, I had that as a kid. It makes them feel young again
," said Stewart.

"It’s pretty cool, yeah. People think it's really amazing, the collection that we have here, cause it's the largest in the world
," said Stewart.

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